What exactly is male andropause?

For many years, women are said to be the only ones tremendously affected by aging. Male andropause (the men’s version of menopause) is a condition wherein a man’s ability to produce ample amounts of testosterone and human growth hormones is hampered. This gradual deterioration and decline of hormonal levels happen when a man reaches his mid-20s up until he’s in his 40s and 60s.

Once a man reaches 45, his HGH and testosterone level may have already gone down by up to 75 percent, resulting in physiological changes that have a detrimental impact on one’s physical, mental and sexual wellbeing.

What are the signs and symptoms of male andropause?

There’s actually a lot more to aging than meets the eye. Studies have shown that a man’s overall health and vitality is greatly affected by such hormonal imbalances. Here are some telltale signs that a man is experiencing male andropause:

  • Lack of energy and stamina
  • Poorer mental clarity and focus
  • Weight gain and loss of lean body mass
  • Difficulty in getting and sustaining an erection
  • Loss of libido and sexual drive
  • Irritability and hot flashes
  • Joint and muscle pain

How can you stop male andropause with TestoGen?

Specially formulated with the right mix of ingredients associated with promoting youthful vitality, TestoGen helps kickstart and stimulate various glands in the body in order for them to effectively produce more of the much needed hormones: testosterone, HGH, DHEA and estrogen.

What are the benefits of TestoGen?

Don’t let aging stop you from reaching your full potential. Take TestoGen today and experience the difference that it can make in your life.

Enhanced sexual drive Enjoy intensely pleasurable orgasms and longer lasting erections within one to two months of using TestoGen as a daily supplement.
Increased energy levels TestoGen has a proven track record of stimulating the production of testosterone—the hormone responsible for providing the body with its much-needed physical and mental boost.
Reverse the aging process Restore your body back to its prime shape and watch the signs of aging disappear from your face and body. Say goodbye to sagging skin, wrinkles and age spots.

How safe is TestoGen?

Unlike other surgical treatments that are risky and invasive, TestoGen is an all-natural daily supplement made from herbal extracts (including L-Arginine, Lysine, Muira Pauma, Chaste Berry, Acai, Tribulus Terrestris, Hypothalamus), amino acids, nutrients and peptides. And because TestoGen contains no chemical-based substances that may harm the body, experts have recommended TestoGen to be part of one’s daily nutritional program, much like a multivitamin.


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